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Registered in the state of Victoria Australia in May 2000 - RBN B507639A

Austalian Busines Number: 57 912 566 045


Meet the Principal - Lyndon Aistrope


Lyndon has over 55 years in the computer industry. He began maintaining accounting machines in Adelaide and moved into computers in the very early days. He worked for Control Data Australia for 13 years then built his own software company with two partners in Canberra. Lyndon then took up a senior post for the recruitment firm, Candle, in Wellington, New Zealand for five years. After returning to Melbourne he worked as a contractor with one of those years spent on a large telco's intranet web application. Lyndon continues to build and support commercial software (and computer systems) through WebPort, which he has operated since May 2000.


Lyndon has focused his software skills in the Microsoft Office and SharePoint space.

To celebrate the excellent years spent employed by Control Data Australia; Lyndon provides a website for the ex employees of CDA. The site maintains historical archives for both CDA and its parent CDC. CDC was a significant player in early mainframes and super computers; particularly those developed by Seymour Cray (the father of supercomputers).  Use the button below to visit the site: -

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