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Lyndon Aistrope (of WebPort) has been employed in the Computer  Industry since 1966. That is over 50 years.


This area of the site shows some of the systems (machines/software) I have worked on (and learned to love). Many of my early years was spent as a Field Engineer and then later in software and systems.


For anyone interested in retro computers and the early days of computers in Australia you are invited to read on [click the image to the left]...

exCDA website
Ex Control Data Australia Employees...


Lyndon Aistrope was emplyed for thirteen (great) years at Control Data Australia. He was Engineer-In-Charge (EIC) for one of CDC’s largest mainframe sites in Australia at SAGADP in Adelaide. The site included four inter-connected (multi-mainframe) Cyber systems. He later moved to Regional Technical support for Cyber ( and 6000 )  systems including NOS/BE support


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