BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2013 1 year, 1 user

BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2013 1 year, 1 user

Welcome to the next generation of the #1 ranked antivirus technology!

For 2013, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus takes privacy and security to new levels with Safepay - an exclusive, hacker-proof browser that automatically engages to shield all of your online banking and e-shopping transactions from cyber-criminals. All the while, Autopilot's Silent Security makes all the optimal security related decisions with no input from you.

Additional features include: antispyware, ID theft protection, social network safeguards for your Facebook and Twitter presence, advance warning of risky websites, a flash drive virus removal tool, automatic hourly security updates, FREE 24/7 technical support with Bitdefender 1300 510 631 and WebPort during normal business hours.
  • Details

    Protects your online banking and e-shopping world (Safepay)
    Defends against infections, spam and ID theft attempts
    Protects your privacy on Facebook & Twitter
    Gives advance warning of risky websites
    24/7 free technical support



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